”Making Things for People to Delight In.”

01 – Social Gaming Platform


Gelesen, an innovative social gaming platform that combines the power of your creative storytelling with a chat-like game system.

Created specifically for crafting interactive branching chat-based games, that take storytelling to a whole new level!

Unleash your creativity and effortlessly craft captivating chat stories!

And guess what? Sharing your masterpiece with the world is a breeze too!

01 – Mobile App

Auraxis Companion

”Auraxis Companion” is your companion app for the MMOFPS Planetside 2, released for Android & iOS.

– Search for players on both PC & PS4.
– Outfit & character stats.
– Active alerts.
– Server & global population.
…and much more.


02 – Social Networking App


Inspired by ”Voicemails from Strangers” from Austin McConnell, Gesprochen lets you listen to "voicemail" recordings from people from all around the world.

03 – Spatial Computing Game

Begin Again.

Begin Again is an immersive narrative-driven spatial computing game, in which you play as Anno.

An ordinary student struggling to come to terms with a lost relationship and the pressures of leading a normal life in an extraordinary time.

Coming 202X